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SHELL'S has partnered with Funshine Express in providing developmentally appropriate curriculumn, parent engagement and assessments for our students. The award winning Funshine Express curriculumn is aligned with Delaware & Maryland early learning standards. Please visit to learn more. In conjuction with Funshine Express SHELL'S teachers develop activities and provide experiences which meet the following goals:

  • Art/Music - Provide experiences which will integrate feeling, thought, and action within art, music, and other sensory experiences to achieve pleasurable, personally meaningful ends. To focus on stimulating children's appreciation of the arts.
  • Emotional Development - To help children feel lovable, valuable, and competent. To focus on promoting self-awareness and positive self-esteem.
  • Cognition- Provide experiences which integrate knowledge and experiences as they construct new or expanded concepts. To focus on expanding children's perceptual, conceptual, and problem-solving skills.
  • Language - To teach children to interpret accurately the communications of others as well as communicate more effectively themselves. To focus on increasing children's abilities to represent thoughts, ideas, feelings, and perceptions through language.
  • Physical - To lead children to achieve mastery of the environment through improved body control and to develop attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors related to maintaining, respecting, and protecting their bodies. To focus on increasing children's gross-motor and fine-motor skills as well as contributing to a positive body image.
  • Social Development - To help children develop successful patterns of interaction as well as internal controls and pro-social values. To focus on teaching children to develop more successful patterns of interaction and to gain greater self-understanding.
  • Construction - For children to translate mental images into touchable products that represent their own interpretation of an object or event. To focus on enabling children to create touchable products that represents their own interpretations of objects or events.
  • Pretend Play - For children to integrate meaning derived from their experience with knowledge and skills from all developmental domains as they create roles or scenarios. To focus on providing opportunities for children to engage in role-playing, make-believe, and dramatization.
Each employee designs its activities and schedule to implement these goals as is developmentally appropriate. Activities shall include, but is not limited to, first hand experiences, simulations, demonstrations, discussions, projects, indirect and direct teaching through theme-related props, thematic atmosphere and spontaneous events. Employees will consult with parents/guardians about care practices specific to their children's culture and community, and provide as much consistency as possible.