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"I rate this daycare at a 100%. I would refer anyone to this daycare. The service is wonderful!! Keep up the great work!!"
Randi H.
Parent | Harrington, DE
"I like that he learns here. It's not only a daycare, it's a learning center."
Precious S.
Parent | Lincoln, DE
"The teachers do so much extra for their kids".
Kristie W.
Parent | Frederica, DE
"I like being able to communicate with the teachers, director, and owner."
Christen K.
Parent | Milton, DE
"The children are more outgoing, and the learning experience is outstanding. They want to learn!"
Bill P.
Parent | Greenwood, DE
"They have really grown, even though they can raise cane!"
Gerald H.
Parent | Georgetown, DE
"The staff is so friendly, and I love how my kids can't wait to get there."
Jaime C.
Parent | Bridgeville, DE
"Keep up the good work!"
Toni W.
Parent | Milton, DE
"Keep up the good work, and make learning fun!"
Brent B.
Parent | Milford, DE
"Attentive, friendly, involved staff!"
Dara S.
Parent | Milton, DE
"I love the fact that Shell's teachers are so amazing with the children. I drive 30 minutes because my son loves coming. These are real teachers that care!"
Rachael W.
Parent | Milford, DE
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a wonderful job that you are doing with the kids. I took Sommer last Wednesday for her Kindergarten registration. She did a phenomenal job on her dial screening! The staff at MES were curious to know where she went for Pre-school, and I was proud to let them know!! You and your staff do a great job with the curriculum that is provided there for each student and it shows daily in what they are being taught!! I would like to personally thank Ms. Heather, Ms. Susan, and Ms. Irene, and Ms. Renee, since they have had a personal touch in Sommers learning, as well as you for having such a great, and SAFE program!!
Connie W.
Connie W.
Parent | Milford, DE
"I have been coming for 4 years and my granddaughter is above grade average, because the teachers took extra steps to see that she succeeded in school."
Beverly S.
Parent | Ellendale, DE
"The staff is truly outstanding. I love Ms. Teenie, Ms. Jaime, Ms. Sophia, & Ms. Linda!"
Crystal C.
Parent | Harrington, DE